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Customer Brand is Welcomed We can do High, Middle, Low Foam as per Your Requirement

Sparkle detergent powder suitable for washing at temperatures from 30oC of all kinds of laundry except for wool and silk. The detergent gently washes the laundry, reliably removes dirt and leaves the laundry with a pleasant scent. Our laudry detergents are also economical to use thanks to the washing efficiency and price ratio.

Using Effects

High efficient
Remove tough stains
Keep clothes clean and bright
Protect hand
Non-harmful to skin and environment
High foam or Low foam is available.
Powerful cleaning with fabric brighteners
Competitive Price
Fresh Smell
Protect Skin

Sparkle Classic

Sparkle Premium

Sparkle Supreme

Sparkle Elite


Remove Touch Dirts

The newly designed formula, which uses a new modified high osmotic enzyme, penetrates to the deep layer of fiber fastly, and removed obstinate dirt, sebum and peculiar smell in fiber, so as to completely clean up the stains of cloths.

Long-Lasting Fragrance

The fresh fragrance, exudes a pleasant aroma, long-lasting after washing, to bring you a day’s pleasure.

Suit for Hand & Machine

Unique formula, gentle to hands, easy to rinse, save time and labor, suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.

Protect Fabric Color

The Speical color protection factor is effective to prevent the clothes from fading and yellowing, keeps the cloths bright as new, makes the clothes perfect after washing.


Strong cleaning power laundry detergent powder, especially for the oil and blood dirt.
Nice and long last lemon smell laundry detergent powder. Other perfumes are optional.
High foam by good active materials.
Both suitable for hand and machine wash.
Big volume laundry detergent powder in pack.
With blue speckles (other colour and multi colour speckles or no speckle are optional).
Containing a softener detergent auxiliary to make the fabric soft.


Suitable for both machine and hand wash.
Removes tough stains powerfully.
Keep clothes bright and shinny after washing.
Jasmine or lemon fragrances that makes your clothes fragrance lasting.
Low and high-density detergent powder according to your choice.
Highly active and biodegradable,softer to hand and fabric,strong perfume can remain the clothes fresh.


250 Gm Each 20 Kg Woven bag contain 80 pouches-90000 pieces in 1*20 FT container can load 22 M Ton
500 Gm Each 20 Kg Woven bag contain 40 pouches-40000 pieces in 1*20 FT container can load 22 M Ton
1 Kg Each 20 Kg Woven bag contain 20 pouches-230000 pieces in 1*20 FT container can load 23 M Ton
2 Kg Each 20 Kg Woven bag contain 10 pouches-12000 pieces in 1*20 FT container can load 24 M Ton
5 Kg Carton Box 2378 Box loaded in 1*20 FT Container can load 12 M Ton
20 Kg Each PP Bag contain 20 Kg - 1*20 FT container can load 26.5 Ton